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LaFond Principals

bulletFrom 1989 to 1993, LaFond Framing, Inc. employed 24 people on average and framed for Pacific Huts & Castles. LaFond Framing, Inc. performed approximately 90% of their starts.
bulletIn 1993, the company branched out into multi-family units, primarily focusing on 820 unit buildings. The company performed work for Simpson & Simpson throughout West Seattle (Alkai Beach area), Camwest Development, Calderwood Construction, Murray Franklin, and numerous other builders.
bulletIn 1994, LaFond Framing, Inc. subcontracted for Calderwood Construction in Tokyo, Japan for a six month period; and again in the summer of 1995.
bulletDuring the years of 1996 to 1997, the company reduced its staff to 2 crews and explored different areas of interest. During this time a business relationship was renewed with Stafford Homes, and LaFond Framing, Inc. pursued a low-profile business relationship. However, Brent LaFond continued to personally explore other options while longtime key personnel remained working for LaFond Framing, Inc.
bulletFrom 1998 to 2001, Brent LaFond worked with the management team of Woodinville Lumber (framing division) and was outside sales lead for Manor Hardware Construction supply.  During this time, LaFond Framing Hired Brent Bell and Daren Bell certain needs for Stafford Homes. During this time, Brent LaFond realized immediately that Darren Bell was an excellent Field Manager with the desire, determination, and dedication to build a large, efficient framing company. Brett Bell had all of the same redeeming qualities as Darren which set the wheels in motion for a corporate restructure. This corporate restructure included options to purchase shares of stock in the corporation.
bulletIn 2001, Brent LaFond had to leave Manor Hardware and rejoin LaFond Framing, Inc. on a full-time basis due to the substantial growth that the company had been experiencing.
bulletSince 2001, the business has grown on average 150% each year and almost 300% in 2003.


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