LaFond Principals 

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LaFond Principals


bullet CEO:  Brent LaFond

Brent has accumulated 25 plus years of framing experience and has been self-employed for 18 of the 25 years. His first business venture was Alas-Cal Contractors which was established 1985 as a partnership. In March 1989, the business and partnership were dissolved. In April 1989, LaFond Framing Inc. was formed.


bulletPresident:  Darren Bell

Darren has been in the construction industry for 18 years. He has experience in multiple trades including roofing, gutters, concrete, excavation, landscaping, siding, and remodel. He has also worked as a Superintendent for a general contractor. Darren enjoys the challenges in the construction industry because he knows the rewards and benefits of applying oneself. Darren’s goal has always been to be the best at everything he does, while maintaining the ability to learn from those more experienced so that he may make self-improvement. His goal as an employer has been to provide a stable, secure work environment and to compensate employees fairly for their dedication and hard work; thus, ensuring a stable and content workforce that is willing to work toward company goals.

bulletVice President:  Brett Bell

Brett Bell has 12 years of experience in the construction industry. He excels in the area of field management. He is a vital human asset to the effective and efficient operations in the field. One of his greatest attributes is his problem-solving ability. Brett is also a true role model because he leads by example and sets high quality standards for his employees to emulate.

bullet Charles Kirbey – Safety Manager


bulletMarianne Richardson– Human Resources


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